How to Print PDF Patterns at home  

If you are completely new to PDF sewing patterns, here’s a guide that you need to know to get started with PDF sewing patterns. A PDF pattern is simply a digital version of the printed pattern you use to sew a garment. Pattern is just available in a different format.

Why use PDF Sewing Patterns?

Here are some great benefits of using digital sewing patterns:

  • PDF patterns can be downloaded instantly. This means you can access them from anywhere in the world without paying shipping. You buy it, download it, print it out and sew it up!

  • They are often cheaper than the commercial printed patterns.

  • You can print the pattern as many times as you want in different sizes.  If you lost a pattern piece, or damaged a pattern by accident? Print it out again, easy! This is also useful for sewing kids clothing as you can reprint sizes as your child grows.

What is a Layered PDF pattern file?

If you find above mentioned things helpful, here's one added bonus- all of my PDF patterns are LAYERED! 

Layered PDF pattern files include all of the sizes in the same file, but they are stacked on top of one another on separate layers. This allows you to select the size, or sizes, you need before printing, deselect sizes you don't need. For more details go to "Select sizes(s) to print".