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Hi and welcome to Rayena!

Here, you will find simple and easy to use sewing patterns that you can modify to create your own clothes. All the patterns are block templates. So that you can easily manipulate it to make your own design. I draft patterns with an aim to make the process simple, and yet gives you flexibility to turn them into your own unique design. These patterns are best suited for advanced sewing enthusiasts, dress makers and small business/boutique owners.

Here, you will find patterns for Women's, Men's and Children's. I also offer pattern making & grading services.

Rayena Patterns

I have recently added a brand new feature of Mix & Match Patterns. You can shop the patterns here.


I always thrive to improve the patterns based on my experience and customer feedback. So I am all ears :)

A little something about me...

I am a mother to an adorable little girl, an ex-software engineer and a geeky fashion designer. I love pattern making and have been drafting patterns for clothing brands for over 8 years.

I understand pattern making is complex and a very time consuming process. And so, I would like to share my patterns here to save you time and get to the fun part- designing! Feel free to reach out for any questions :)

Thank you for visiting my website!

Ranna Parekh

Owner, Rayena

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