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© 2015-2020 by Ranna Parekh(Rayena), San Francisco Bay Area. 




Rayena is a one stop place for all your apparel design needs. We can help you to kickstart your clothing line or work on custom made projects. We specialize in Women’s wear, Missy, Junior, Plus size, Men’s wear, Activewear, Swimwear and Children’s wear.


Services Offered:

Concept Development


Developing a design concept involves creating fashion sketches, technical drawings and textile patterns.


Fashion Sketches

Fashion illustrations are the simplest form of presenting your idea to potential buyers or manufacturers. We can turn your doodles into beautiful illustrations. Fashion sketches can be hand drawn or created using CAD.


Technical Illustrations

Technical drawings are important for anyone is clothing industry. It's the most efficient way of communicating your designs to the manufacturer.


Textile Design

Do you have a favorite fabric pattern to be developed into different colors or want beautiful vintage fabrics to give a contemporary spin? With CAD, any fabric print can be created into a digital pattern swatch which can be then used by textile factory to print patterns on all kinds of fabrics. We can help you to create digital pattern swatch from fabrics, sketches and images.


Pattern Making


Pattern making is an integral part of the design. A pattern can be developed from a sketch, tech specs or a sample garment with proper sizing and detailed notes. We specializes in pattern making of Women’s wear, Missy, Junior, Plus size, Men’s wear, Activewear, Swimwear and Children’s wear.


What I can help you with:

  • Draft custom size sewing patterns from sketch, tech specs or a sample garment.

  • Create 1st through production patterns in required sizes using PDS software .


The finished patterns can be handed to you as paper patterns or digital patterns. Digital patterns are available in DXF-AAMA format and are compatible in software like Gerber, Lectra, PAD, TukaCad and Optitex.


Pattern Grading


Pattern grading is the process of taking a finished base pattern and increasing or decrease the proportions to make smaller or larger sizes. Its a computerized process, and all patterns have to be digitized first and then graded.


What I can help you with:

  • Grade patterns for mass production in required size range.

  • Grade patterns from a base size to a custom fit size.


Sample Making


Sample making turns your ideas into real garments. And majorly, it can minimize and solve the fit issues before you send them into production. 


What I can help you with:

  • Develop 1st prototype samples for mass production.

  • Create fit samples to identify and resolve fit issues.

  • Create muslin samples to verify/alter patterns.



Fabric resources:

Rayena only offers a service and do not provide any materials. You must provide all fabrics, trims and notions. If you are a novice here, I’d be happy to work with you and recommend trustable vendors for sourcing materials.

Digitizing & Marker Layout


Paper Patterns are difficult to maintain and occupy a lot of space in your closet. With Pattern Digitization, you can transfer them into computerized  patterns while maintaining the exact size and specification. Digitization also makes sending files to manufacturing team


What I can help you with:

  • Transfer your hand crafted paper patterns into digital patterns, with complete labeling.


Marker Layout

It provides the means to determine the amount of fabric needed for making a particular garment. It functions by positioning patterns on a fabric rectangle of a chosen width. The length of the layout can be calculated. The layouts can be printed or plotted in any scale to provide a guide for cutting the patterns.


What I can help you with:

  • Create sample or production markers for fabric estimation.

  • Develop digital marker layout for sample or production run.


Tech Pack Development


A Tech Pack serves as a blueprint of the garment which has all the necessary information to help the manufacturer to construct and execute the production. It keeps a track of changes that were made in the samples and can be easily shared with the factory. Its also is just a great way to organize all of the information about your styles into one place. A complete tech package minimizes errors and ensures coordination between factory departments.


What I can help you with:

  • Complete Tech pack development for a finished sample - Includes detailed technical illustrations, POM, BOM, Label/Packaging and Graded Specs.

  • Develop Spec sheets- Includes detailed technical illustrations and POM spec sheet.

Your Design, Your Style, Your Size


Wear an affordable fashion that is made just for you and makes you look the absolute unique. You don't have to be a designer or even know how to sketch. All you need is an awesome idea. Got it? Great! Share it here and I'll help you to turn it into gorgeous clothing.